Tuesday, 2 October 2012

 Decided to actually start 'blogging' and writing about my work instead of just posting images, even though my spelling and grammar is really really bad... Oh well. Everything I write sounds really stupid when I read it but I need to start blogging really...  I've been so busy lately trying to build up a portfolio of work for fashion photography , fashion illustration and general illustration for uni (still can't decide which to take), whilst making a website and slowly creating lots of clothing/canvases/home-ware to build up for a shop on the blog/site and doing little pieces of graphics and designs for people in the mean time. Luckily I actually only go to college two days a week so Im not drowning with college work as well... but basically it means I'm doing LOADS of work so I really should be putting it on here... but I haven't. But I've been doing a lot of fashion illustration with detail added onto it lately, sketching up a face or portrait then 'doodling' on top. Some examples below along side other work of doodles and illustrations. Have a gannnderrr. Izzy x

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