Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hi, I haven't posted in a while because I've been doing my foundation course and haven't really had the chance to do anything new an exciting other than getting my portfolio together for university.
I'm feeling a bit beaten down as I didn't get into my top choice, but if anything it's just given me more of a drive than ever, and work out what I need to to do in order to succeed.
I've been drawing lots of cute little illustrations for my current Illustration project, It's all about the media and manipulation of the mind through advertising and industry.
I've looked at how people are kept wanting more and made to follow each others fashion and styles to fit into society even subconciously. I'm creating an awareness campaign aimed at children, but it's just sketches and ideas at the moment. These are some illustrations I have doing in the progress of it...

Along with foundation studies and stress me and my friend Brittney have been stitching together ideas for a new blog combining fashion interests and our art together, but it's still under wraps! But I thought I'd use the opportunities of a blog post to show of some of her work, she is now selling prints and does dot work designs, so if you're interested email me and I will forward you over to her. This is a print she has done recently (My email: izzymelhuish@yahoo.com)

On top of all of this I have been offered another exciting opportunity with My favourite Store in London Covent Garden, Hackett, and am exciting to undergo a new project for that in my free time!!

and being interviewed about my work by a new online magazine which i will share when it is out :)

Izzy x


Carly said...

Eep, good luck with your project, I hope you'll share more about it when you can! xxx

Izzy Melhuish said...

Thank you Carly :) xx